biofit industry forum on retrofitting measures for biofuel plants

hat are crucial challenges for plant operators and engineers?
What are the decisive framework conditions for conducting retrofitting measures?
What are the benefits from already implemented retrofits?
We want to discuss these questions with you in interactive sessions. You will have the opportunity to exchange knowledge, give feedback and hear from experts about best practice examples and experiences with retrofitting.
The participants will get considerable space to present their industry/company, problems and challenges in order to contribute to the joint goal of retrofitting the industry with bioenergy integration. If you are interested in sharing your retrofitting experiences, you are kindly asked to get in contact with Arne Gröngröft ( until 10.05.2019.

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Ort: DBFZ Deutsches Biomasseforschungszentrum g GmbH, Torgauer Str. 116, 04347 Leipzig